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Regulating Service

  Regulating is the term used for all the adjustments that are necessary to make the piano play properly.  Dave Betts, the Director of North Bennet Street School piano technoloy department, recommends a 37 step process.  I adhere to this method with additional steps such as zero key friction, positive leverage keys and balance weight action design techniques.  My entire apprenticeship of three years after my graduation in 1982 was devoted to piano action replacement.

Keytop Resurfacing

  I provide every form of key repair including plastic keytops, mineral based, ivory, bone and ebony sharps.  I will hand craft any exotic material sharp required by the customer.

Key Bushings and Alignment

  After years of use keys become loose and wobbly, they can even rub on adjacent keys.  I replace key bushings with the highest grade english bushing cloth including front and balance rails.  Keys travel straight up and down with zero key friction when this job is complete.

Strings and Tuning Pins

  I replace broken strings with high grade German piano wire and loose tuning pins with high grade German tuning pins.  I can also restring your piano in the home if desired.

Hammer Shaping and Voicing

  Hammers develop deep grooves and make unappealing sounds over time.  Shaping, string fitting and needling are required to make a piano sound its best.

Humidity Control Systems

  Keeping instrument wood with the correct moisture content requires full humidifier/dehumidifier systems, such as the Damp Chaser Humidity Control System.  I install these systems in your piano to keep the wood stable.  These systems are Underwriter Laboratory tested and proven to reduce the number of tunings needed and the amount of maintenance.

Piano Restoration

  After hundreds of complete restorations I can offer you the best fully specialized rebuilding opportunity anywhere.  Including Action Replacement, Structural Repair and Replacement and Refinishing.  Ask for complete details for your individual needs.

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